About Social Crowns

Social events come in all shapes and sizes they range from glamorous engagement parties to social dinners as well as extravagant private parties on rooftops or in a swanky venue. Social crowns will provide you with top of the range entertainment to wow your guests.

We offer high levels of attention to detail and as well as versatile and flexible event spaces. We have a dedicated and experienced in house events team who are committed to ensuring that every event Social Crowns host is deemed to be a success.

When it comes to food and drink at Social Crowns, we take into great consideration the importance for social events, we partner with a huge variety of vendors – we can meet everyone’s demands and are fully catered from  vegans to vegetarians to meat lovers etc.

Exclusive events

At Social Crowns, we only host the most exclusive types of events, these are not your ordinary events so be prepared for jaw dropping parties. Social crowns events are membership only, so exclusivity is kept to our fellow crowns.

Highly rated

Our events have won numerous awards, so we are well reputable when it comes to hosting events. Get in touch, and let us know how we can meet your expectations.

Top class entertainment

The entertainment we provide at our events are unmatchable from fire throwers to magicians, we bring fairy tales to life at Social Crowns.

Excellent Networking

Opportunity to built long lasting connections with inspirational people. We Aim to create the environment that will provide opportunities as well as help you unwind.

Social Crowns Membership

Friday night cocktails and game nights, relaxed Sunday brunches, Bar lunches and fascinating boat tours! be ready to socialise at social crowns!

A Social Crown Events Membership gives you access to an exciting programme of events with like-minded, exciting people and fantastic hosts.

Your membership includes:

Invitations to all Social Crown events across the London and the United Kingdom – these are great get-togethers for like-minded people.

Invitations to events organised by our sponsors Thames Party Boats, Bushey Country Club, Montage Venues and Shishr in locations outside the London area and across the UK.

An exclusive membership club where all members have been carefully interviewed and ID validated.

Taking advantage of our Social Crowns membership services gives you the opportunity to have your social calendar filled up for the whole year. Simple really! Sign up! Even In the winter months we have special events that will ensure you will not stay home and be bored.

Our membership invitations to events are reoccurring and nonstop, so you will never have to look for something to do in your spare time once you are part of Social Crowns

Past Events